Cross-channel optimization applies when more than one system touches the same customers. It is a general solution for all industries.

Originally developed for telecommunications industry solutions (where it was called “simultaneous design”) most cross-channel users today are retail, sales generally and healthcare. In retail it optimizes store and online sales while finding best media mix. In healthcare it improves health and reduces hospitalizations by optimizing clinical models delivered via nurses, pharmacists and primary care physicians. Continue Reading >>>

11 . 01 . 14 | Competitive Innovation and Improvement: Statistical Design and Control

A new book was released by CRC Press in September 2014, authored by Nobi’s Kieron Dey. Written for anyone to use, optional footnotes provide advanced technical insight. A dozen large-scale case studies illustrate, each with sudden, sustained improvement. Continue Reading >>>

Using Data To Improve Academic Performance

Nobi pioneered improvement of mathematics education in 2012, helping to achieve a 10.3%-ile shift in nation-wide comparisons over previous performance.

This initial work paved the way for new applications at the university level, with three separate projects aimed at increasing student performance.

Each statistical design took a single semester, with class sizes varying from about 30 to over 150. Continue Reading >>>

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